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The Women’s March on Washington Saturday  21st, 2017was the main event of an historic day when millions took to the streets of America!






The Science Behind Sacred Geometry


It seems that we are participants in an ongoing revolution. A revolution so completely subtle that I can only just begin to articulate it’s broad patterns.

I have a dear friend, who among other things is a superb numerologist. When Barbara does a reading for someone it is a joy to watch and feel the number patterns of the universe go flying about.

Well about 15 years ago, while my numbers were flying about, she said, “You are not going to believe me, you may never believe me, however your power lies in the fact that you are a revolutionary. You will not use guns, you might not even use the pen, and the revolution will be accomplished.”

My reaction to that was a typical “Yah right Barbara?” I know this is a rather odd introduction and if you stick with me you just might discover that, Barbara was not just right about me, she was right about each one of us.

For over 40 years I have joyously explored Science and Spirituality. This has caused numerous interesting difficulties. Our culture has little use for a scientist that is too spiritual or a religious leader that is too scientific.

My personal experience tells me that we have been dropped into the middle of a paradigm shift that requires the synthesis of Science and Spirituality. We are questioning and replacing our most basic assumptions about this reality every day.

Once while working on a “purpose process” I was asked to simplify my life’s purpose into one sentence. So I geared up my best sacred geometric quantum holographic thinking and I wrote, “I am out to change the world by changing my own mind!”

Talk about delusions of grandeur and sheer arrogance. Crinkle up paper toss in trash. End of “purpose process.” Then I took another look at that crinkled paper. I no longer saw arrogance. I saw a simple truth that had eluded me. To be a revolutionary I no longer had to convince anyone of anything. If this reality is truly put together in a sacred geometric, quantum holographic way my greatest power lies in my own transformation.

So in the spirit of self-transformation I’d like to share a few ideas, observations, and experiences regarding this particular paradigm shift.

In my experience everything in this reality has its roots deep within Scared Geometry. But Sacred Geometry is such a broad subject that to claim any kind of expertise is in one sense untruthful and yet in another sense is completely sincere.

Now if you get the feeling that that last sentence was cryptic and just for the initiated you are not alone. For somewhere along the line we were told that science (or substitute spirituality) was difficult and only for a gifted few.

Universe (substitute God, Love, The Whole Enchilada . . .) is completely available to everyone. The pathways to Universe are infinite. The pathways we intend to explore here are generally sacred geometric quantum holographic in nature and are the trails that fascinate me the most. Enjoy!


Museum of Science and Industry

I grew up in Chicago, the oldest of four. We lived on the far south side in a neighborhood called Roseland. The diversity was amazing; Irish, Polish, Italian, German, and Scandinavian. The food was ethnic and the religion was Catholic. My parents loved the outdoors and travel to anywhere was likely. So Boy and Girl Scouting was a part of life. I still prefer to sleep outdoors!

“The City”, meaning downtown, was magical. It was a treat beyond compare to grow up looking at fish, fine art, stars, stuffed animals and science experiments. We went as many times as possible.

My favorite was the Museum of Science and Industry, housed in a building leftover from the 1914 World’s Fair. I was passionate about the place. Before I could walk long distances, I rode on my dad’s shoulders begging to see “everything.”

Over time I learned to walk longer distances and eventually saw everything. Each and every time we returned we always went to my favorite exhibits, “The Dancing Lights Square, The One With The Arrow, The Really Big One With The Millions of Little Balls, The One Where Metal Balls Go Down The Drain, and The Wire Bubbles One.” As far as I know they might still be there today.

You have to understand that these early childhood names reflected my understanding of each exhibit. As my education progressed my understanding grew slowly.

In grade school the dancing lights became a cube, then multiplication tables and then square roots. During high school the arrow became a Mobius strip, that amazing a one edged one-sided geometric surface. In college the millions of little balls became a dynamic demonstration of probability and a Bell curve. Many years later while watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos Series the rubber mat with the gridlines coupled with my memories of the drain experiment became a gut level understanding of curved space. As for bubbles wired or otherwise just start playing with the Bubble Zomes.

There is one more favorite experiment from the Museum of Science and Industry that I have not mentioned yet because this one turned up years later, after the first lasers began appearing. I was in my early teens when I saw my first ruby laser true hologram not the common natural light holograms of today but a 3D hang there in space laser hologram. Wow! I had learned about photography in my dad’s darkroom, but this was different very different. My passion for holograms has never diminished. I share their magic with any one who will listen.

The point in this little story, besides just getting a little background on me, is that you never know when something will spark that inner passion. To fully participate in this paradigm shift pay attention to whatever lights that fire for you.

Experiential Play

Play, or what I like to call experiential sacred play, is a way of moving in the world that opens the doors to this reality and that which lies beyond. It creates a conscious space of curiosity, openness, and acceptance where there is no threat, no fear, and no shame – – – only exploration.

Do you remember pre-school or kindergarten? When it was ok to try on as many “hats” as one desired in just an afternoon. To cut, paste, color, and dream were all that was required. The opportunity to play at being whatever you wished was essential.

Working at anything without an attitude of play leads to stifled creativity and burnout. I am personally unable to support anyone or anything that does not align in some coherent way with my personal vision. My spirit withers whenever I disregard that internal wisdom.

I employ sacred play in my workshops because it creates a safe space for everyone to try on ideas as easy as we once tried on those long ago “hats”. Those of us steeped in the traditions of hard science or spirituality can find common ground. Beauty, trust, and inspiration are key components of this type of exploration. To demand any kind of agreement with argument, convincing, or other form of coercion diminishes the process.

The precise terminology used in any particular discipline or tradition is generally unique and exclusive. Bridges of meaning are built when we examine some of the specific words associated with any particular “…—-ology” or spiritual tradition.

Experiential play creates a new place to stand while we explore, that which is unfamiliar. No tests, note taking, or special requirements are necessary. Fear of mathematics, science, or internal spirituality does not even come up when that inner child is fully engaged.

Sacred play also addresses another key component in this process of exploration. The idea that facilitated learning evolves triggering an internal knowing rather than a pouring in of information. In my experience the details of the holographic metaphor of universe helps to explain this phenomena. An example would be building, playing with, or looking at the five platonic solids. All of the art, toys, and clothing on my website are keyed to tap in to this process of internal knowing.

Learning becomes easy and non stressful, no matter what the type of information being conveyed through experiential sacred play. As we move further along this path of exploration, your own experience of play will hopefully be enhanced.

To be continued . . .

Sound Machines

In our store experience, the most popular and effective sound machines are made by the Marpac Corporation right here in the USA. The sound machines by Marpac include the most popular and  highly rated Dohm DS and its counterpart, the Dohm SS. The DS and SS designations are simply meant to stand for Double Speed and Single Speed respectively. I have talked to many people over the years that who have been helped by using the SleepMate lineup of sound machines as an aid in sleep.

The Dohm DS sound machine by Marpac produces a clean, pleasant fan-like sound of rushing air by using an actual electric motor to spin a fan wheel inside the case. The most notable difference between Marpac mechanical sound machines and others is that they don’t loop.  Looping refers to playing a short recorded segment of sound over and over in a constant loop. the Dohm sound machines don’t loop and this is important since if you can detect looping in white noise machine, it can prove to be a real distraction. The Marpac Dohm sound machines are all quality made in the USA and the superior quality is apparent when compared to cheaper models made in China. The Dohm produces its fan-like sound with a small motor. This rushing air sound has proven to be pleasing to most people who try it.

Mirage Hologram Image Maker

A great gift idea for the young or old inquisitive mind is the Mirage Hologram Image Maker.

The Mirage hologram maker is actually a precision optical projection instrument that is manufactured to tolerances of millionths of an inch to assure that the object you display as a holographic image is faithfully and realistically recreated. In fact, schools and universities use the Mirage to demonstrate the principles of three-dimensional real holographic imagery.

Simply place any small item in the bowl of the 9″ Mirage Hologram Maker such as the little plastic pig that comes with the mirage and the holographic image appears in the air over the bowl! You can look closely at it and see fine detail – you will swear the image is solid until your fingers pass right through it.

Salida Colorado Vacation Room Rentals

We are offering vacation room rentals in our home located right in the town of Salida, Colorado on D Street, Salida, Colorado. Salida has an unimaginative street naming convention; numbered streets in one direction and lettered streets in the other direction; on the plus side, it does make navigation easy. Our Salida Vacation Room Rental is located between 12th and 13th on D Street.

With these Salida Colorado Room Rentals you have access to shared common areas including a full bath, a fully stocked kitchen and a common living/dining room with TV, Direct TV and DVD player. All our rooms are fully lockable, clean, convenient and safe. Located right in the town of Salida, Colorado, close to restaurants, shopping, the Arkansas River, a World Class Kayak Park, hundreds of miles of single track bike trails, the best backpacking and angling in the world and only 20 minutes from Monarch Ski and Snowboard area.

Kids are gone off to college so, we are renting the front half of our house which consists of 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath, a living/dining room and shared fully stocked and equiped kitchen.

This Salida Colorado Vacation Room Rental provides 3 Bedrooms which are available either as single rooms or in any combination.

Single Room Rentals rates as shown on each room page or Rent the entire 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, living/dining apartment for $120/night; $700/week. Call or email us to set this up.

No hidden fees: No cleaning fees, No single night fees, No credit card fees. Just the required sales tax of 7.9% and $2.50 lodging tax applied per room per night.

Three easy ways to reserve your Salida Vacation Room:

1. Use the Order Button from each room page Aspen RoomColumbine Room or Monarch Room. Include your reservation dates in the Comments after checking Availability.

2. Phone or text our cell at 719-207-3409

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Salida Room Rentals Amenities:

  • Only 20 minutes to Monarch Ski and SnowBoard Area
  • Clean and comfortable with all linens provided
  • Living/Dining Room with tile and oak floors
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Wireless High Speed Internet Access
  • Shared Kitchen Facilities
  • Off Street Parking
  • Direct TV, DVD Player
  • Quiet, Safe Neighborhood
  • Convenient in-town Location

Best Baby Sleep Sounds

If you have ever raised a baby, I bet you have noticed that your baby fell asleep better and stayed asleep longer under certain conditions. Namely when there was a soft mechanical hum in the background. Many experts agree that the best baby sleep sound is a soft fan-like mechanical hum. Maybe you noticed that your baby fell asleep quickly and easily while driving in a car, or when you had an air conditioner running or when you were vacuuming. Did you notice that when the air conditioner shut off or you turned off the car or when you finished vacuuming, your baby woke up? My theory is that in deep silence the babies hearing picks up the slightest sound in the surrounding environment and startles awake but with a smooth gentle background noise such as a fan, the sound that would ordinarily startle the baby awake gets masked out resulting in better baby sleep.

There are a whole plethora of baby sound machines on the market and many of them are quite well executed and do a fine job and offer many different baby sleep sounds. But my recommendation would be to try the Marpac Sleep Mate 980A as your first choice. Why the Sleep Mate? First off, it is the simplest device with no choices or decisions or experimenting required; the Sleep Mate only makes one type of sound. Secondly, the Sleep Mate makes a real sound as opposed to a looped recording of a sound that is played through a speaker like almost every other baby sound device. Thirdly, the Sleep Mate produces a soft smooth mechanical hum that experience tells us is the most effective at inducing baby sleep. The Sleep Mate 980A actually makes its fan-like mechanical sound with a motor but unlike a fan there are no fan blades to worry about and no air blowing around.

If you want to try a baby sound maker different than the Sleep Mate, I would recommend the Marpac TSC-330 as my second choice. The TSC-330 produces a simple rain like sound that is especially soothing to babies. The sound is played through a speaker but it doesn’t go to real loud volume to protect the sensitive hearing of a baby. The sound produced by the TSC-330 can be altered with slider switches to sound more like a waterfall or ocean waves which are also highly recommended baby sleep sounds.

Decision Tree to Help Pick Your Best Sleep Sound

Here is an interesting idea for cutting through the bewildering array of sleep sounds and sound machine models. Here is a simple decision tree that by answering a couple questions, will guide you to a sleep sound that best matches your priorities.